No Empty Classrooms

At Teacher Search, we believe schools should be able to focus on educating not finding relief staff or learning complex systems. Teacher Search was built with two aims, to reduce the time schools spend finding relief staff and to eliminate the cost of relief agencies.

empty class without a relief teacher

Saving you time.

Saving you time

1. Maximum Control Mode
2. Staff Log Relief Mode
3. Fully Automated Mode
4. Work Pad and Notes Mode

saving schools money

Saving schools Money

With Teacher Search, there is no need for third party relief agencies. Teacher Search allows you to directly employ suitably qualified Teachers for a low monthly subscription. Our fees are a fraction of the cost of employment agencies commissions. Your low subscription can be recovered after placing just a few relief teacher days. There are no surprises for your budget, our monthly subscription covers all online training materials and Unlimited Relief Teacher placements.

Find the best relief teacher

Finding the Best Teachers

Just like Uber™ & eBay™, every teacher gets rated by for their performance by their employing school. Additionally, Teacher Search automatically rates Teachers for availability based on their response to work requests (speed and availability).

Automatically find the best relief teacher


Teacher Search lives in the cloud so you can get started without any complex installations or integration with your existing school systems.