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Saving You Time

Contact Only Relief Teachers Available to Work

Let Teacher Search Streamline your search for Relief teachers. No more phoning a dozen relief teachers who are already booked. We collate all available Relief teachers and provide you a detailed list ranked by availability, rating and skills.

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Saving Schools money

No Employment Agency Commissions

Simple Pricing structure with monthly fees for a fraction of the cost of paying a temp agency or relief agency

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Finding the Best Teachers

Just like Uber™ & eBay™, every teacher gets rated
by their employing school

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Relief Teachers

Always Free for Teachers*

Why would you pay to find work?

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Free to Register

No Monthly Fees

All Teacher Search web and app functions + email notification are provided free to teachers. Notifications will soon be available for a low cost per sms received or a monthly subscription. These notifications are designed to ensure you never miss a job because of data or quiet hour’s settings and are not necessary to find work with Teacher Search

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Professional Casual Relief Teachers Available Across Australia

Teachers of Perth WA, Principals of Melbourne Victoria, Deputies of Sydney NSW, or wherever you are in Australia. Schools no longer have to stress and strain to find a casual relief educator, one that might already be booked, or one that doesn’t have the skills to teach the required class. With Teacher Search, Australia’s leading relief educator search company, you can always find an available casual substitute and request their services based on their rating and skill. We offer primary and secondary educators for schools across Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and soon regional towns and cities..

We register the services of both new teachers and experienced relief teachers to match the teaching needs of your school. Our simple pricing structure starts from just $24 per month for a small school and annual discounts are provided.

We find the best teachers for your school’s requirements

Teacher Search has a rating system for our relief teachers based upon their standard and teaching skills. We also have an automatic rating system for availability based on how many requests they respond to and their positive responses. We pride ourselves on finding the most suitable person for your school.

Saving time and money

We built Teacher Search for schools can get back to educating their students without the hassle of finding a relief teacher, educational assistant or school officer. Teacher Search eliminates the costs associated with finding a suitable relief educator. our low monthly subscription requires no payments to a third-party job agency when finding casual staff in Perth. We allow schools to employ teachers through our search for a low monthly payment that is a fraction of the price of paying a third-party job agency for a casual relief instructor.

Contact us for further information

We are a client-focused enterprise dedicated to communication with current and new schools on our register. We encourage you to get in contact with us if you would like to further discuss our search. Please call 08 94677 999, email Sales@TeacherSearch.com.au, or send us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible, and with all the information you require.

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Teacher Search is dedicated to helping schools find the perfect relief teacher for every class. We strive to eliminate waiting times and reduce costs for finding an instructor in the busy education industry. Register today and never wait for a temporary casual employee again.