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We Guarantee your school 30 new Relief Teachers

Most schools find more, but in the unlikely event you don’t have 30 new relief teachers during your first subscription, Teacher Search is Free until you do.
Watch the savings stack up as we never charge booking fees each time a Teacher Search teacher works for you.

One App for all your relief staff

Manage Teaching and Non-Teaching staff
Book your teachers or find new teachers
60 day you’ll love Teacher Search money back guarantee
A low monthly or annual fee
No lock-in contracts, Cancel anytime (effective next billing date)

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3 ways to use Teacher Search

Full Control Mode

Sometimes you wish to maintain control over the staff selected. Teacher Search launches in Full Control (Manual) Mode as the default. In Manual Mode, you log a Job and we instantly see a list of available relief teachers, ranked in order of availability, skills and rating. The relief teachers contact details are provided ready for you to make contact.
No relief teacher or school staff on your approved list? Don’t an employment agency, we automatically present local & available relief staff keen work at your school.

Managed Control Mode

For the right balance between control and efficiency select let your Permanent Teachers log the relief request.

Save time by letting Teacher Search find the best staff automatically but you have the final approval.

You can add any or all of your permanent teachers in Teacher Search. The teacher logs a leave request with reason.

We preselect approved temporary teachers straight to your Teacher Search calendar.
You select a replacement teacher from the list.

Fully Automated Mode

For complete freedom select Auto Mode

Save time by letting Teacher Search find the best staff automatically

Your permanent teacher’s log that they are unavailable; and we identify a list of approved relief teachers, offer them the job and allocate the first relief teacher to confirm availability. We keep you informed with regular notifications.
At its most efficient, you first notification could be your last with Teacher Search advising you of a staff leave together with confirmation of the relief teacher accepting the role.

You still control the Auto mode settings so only the teachers you would select are selected.

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